AFC Portchester Youth Committee Contacts


Rich Peterson


Nia Carr


James Walker

Girls’ Secretary

Michelle Shann

Child Welfare Officer

Gary Pratt

Gary is the club’s single point of contact for reporting any issues or concerns around the
safeguarding of all children at the club. Any concerns of neglect, cruelty, sexual exploitation or
abuse, bullying etc, no matter who the perpetrators are, can be raised to him directly on 07940
206027. In the event of immediate threat to life, please call the police on 999.

In the unlikely event you cannot reach Gary, please speak to any of the coaching staff or club
officials, but also message Gary to say this is what you have done to ensure he is aware.

Any issues raised will be dealt with sensitively by Gary, who has specific training and experience in
this role.

The clubs policies on bullying, child safeguarding etc are available on the new club website, or a copy
can be requested by contacting the club directly.

Foundation Phase Leads

The Phase Lead roles have been added to the wide range of support the club offers its volunteers, players and supporters to assist in the strategic development of the club, and to help managers, coaches and players get the most of their time with the club.

This can range from offering assistance in running training sessions, peer to peer reviews, advice and signposting to coach education and courses.

They are also on hand to offer support to all players in reaching their footballing goals; whether that be playing with their mates or developing themselves in preparation for 1st team ambitions.